Joe D

Success Story

Joe works in the financial services industry and enjoys life with his wife and three children. He woke up one morning and did not feel right. His left side was droopy, and he lost his ability to walk. He was rushed to the hospital where it was determined he had suffered a stroke. It was recommended that he be admitted to Summa Rehab Hospital for intensive rehabilitation.

Upon admission to Summa Rehab Hospital, Joe could not sit in a chair or walk on his own. His physical and occupational therapists helped him begin to make progress and improve safely.

Joe says “they knew how to push me to get everything out of me. “They ‘worked’ me pretty good.” Joe was super motivated and if there was an extra opening for therapy, Joe volunteered to fill the cancelled spot.

During the five weeks of his inpatient stay, Joe was able to utilize specialized equipment like the FES bike and the Xcite technology, to enhance his exercise and improve his overall function. He was able to sit in a chair alone and his progress enabled him to go home safely with the help of his wife Julie. Joe is now participating in the Outpatient Neuro Program at Summa Rehab Hospital where he has been making steady progress for several months. He is now able to walk with the help of a forearm crutch.

Joe would like to get back to his job. Since it involves travel, he will need to be more independent in walking. He hopes to reach this goal with continued work. Joe and Julie are very thankful for everyone who helped him at Summa Rehab Hospital.