Bill Robinson

Success Story

Jeff contacted Summa Rehab Hospital on a mission — to get his brother Bill admitted to the best place possible for rehabilitation. During this call, Jeff emphasized “This is a miracle! Bill was not supposed to survive.” Bill had been in the hospital for three months following surgery to remove his pancreas and subsequent intestinal rupture and massive stroke. The stroke paralyzed Bill to the point where he could not even swallow. Bill initially went to Altercare of Cuyahoga Falls where he was on hospice services and unresponsive. He slowly started improving and after a month and a half he was able to walk and eat. He still needed a lot of work on his motor skills and speech. When Bill began to speak, Jeff knew he was ready to take the next step and was determined to get Bill the intensive therapy he needed at Summa Rehab Hospital.

Bill’s insurance approved him for the Outpatient Neuro Program at Summa Rehab Hospital. He worked hard with his physical therapist Asia for six weeks. Asia states that Bill has made substantial progress. Bill’s six-minute walk improved from 400 feet to 1200 feet, and he scored a perfect 56 on the Berg Balance Assessment. He has also met his goals for speech therapy and occupational therapy and was able to be discharged from all services. Bill will continue his exercises at home to continue making progress towards reaching all his goals and becoming as independent as possible.

Bill specifically would like to improve his reading and writing skills and be free from pain. As a Browns fan, he looks forward to watching the Browns playoff season. His brother Jeff states, “Bill has come an extremely long way, and is very thankful for all the help he has received.”