While playing Euchre with his friends at the Sportsman Club, Terry tried to stand up and noticed he had no use of his left side. He quickly realized he was experiencing a stroke. His friend, who is a paramedic, gave him two aspirin and drove Terry to the hospital. There they were able to give him a Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) to break up the clot.

Terry was then taken by ambulance to Akron City Hospital and was admitted into intensive care. After spending time in the ICU, his physicians recommended that he continue his recovery with intense therapy at Summa Rehab Hospital.

When Terry first arrived, he couldn’t get out of bed by himself and had to use a wheelchair. He also had no control over his left arm. His physical therapists, James and Erin, were persistent in getting him to try walking with a cane. Terry explained, “I wanted to get better and this is some hospital.”

After just a couple of weeks, Terry can now walk with a cane or walker and can touch his nose with his finger. He said, “Everybody here is terrific!” He credits his successful progression in therapy to specific exercises. These included the stairs, parallel bars, and LiteGait which was the toughest piece of equipment for him.

Terry looks forward to going home to his wife and seeing his daughters and grandchildren again. When asked what he is going to do first, Terry says, “Hug my wife and do whatever she says.” His optimism and determination all contributed to his successful recovery.