Sadie Harold

At 88-years-old, nothing stops spunky Sadie Harold from participating in life activities. She always looked for ways to help out. One day she wanted to do her part in loading a lawnmower onto the bed of a truck. As she was completing the task, she tripped on the concrete and fell. Her daughter called 911 and Sadie was rushed to the hospital. There they informed her that she sustained a hip fracture from the fall and would need surgery.

As Sadie underwent surgery, her family remembered a relative that raved about Summa Rehab Hospital. They took action to make sure Sadie did her recovery there. She arrived a few days after her hip surgery in a wheelchair. She explained, “My physical therapist, Karen, and occupational therapist, Ashley, were my favorites. They were so sweet – I just loved them.”

They would ask Sadie what she wanted to do during therapy. At first, Sadie was hesitant to complete exercises like the stairs, but they encouraged her to stay focused on her end goal. The exercises made her stronger allowing her to move on from the wheelchair to utilizing a walker. She also really liked the recumbent bike as a valuable tool in her recovery.

Towards the end of Sadie’s stay at Summa Rehab Hospital, her daughter came in to learn about the discharge plan. Her family wanted to make sure Sadie could do her bathing, laundry, and other activities of daily living so she could return home safely. Sadie stayed motivated throughout her recovery because she wanted to get back to doing the things she loved.

Sadie made it home in time to go to a concert for which she had already purchased tickets. She also looks forward to picking up her other hobbies like traveling, going to casinos, and “running around” with her friends. She does her laundry and is fortunate to live with her daughter who does the cooking for the family. Sadie is very grateful for the safe and speedy recovery she experienced at Summa Rehab Hospital.