Robert Wall

Robert Wall enjoys his retirement surrounded by his loved ones. He spends his time with his wife, children, grandsons, and friends. Living with Parkinson’s disease, Robert has had to make adjustments to his lifestyle. Although the changes have helped, his symptoms quickly became hard to manage.

Robert began to experience difficulty walking and fell a few times in his home. The falls didn’t result in serious injury, but his family grew concerned. His daughter encouraged him to go to Summa Rehab Hospital so that he could get stronger and feel safer at home.

Slowly but surely, Robert began to understand his family’s worries and decided to spend a couple of weeks at Summa. Pleased with his decision, he said, “It’s the MIT of physical therapy! The physical therapists were superb and taught me a lot of different exercises to help my process. They guided me through with emotional support which I thought was magnificent.”

As Robert’s lead physical therapist, Amanda was there every step of the way. She and the rest of the team instructed him with many “do’s” and just a few “do not’s”. They also discussed the option for continued care in the outpatient neuro therapy program.

Heading home soon, Robert looks forward to being with his family and friends. Because of his progress, Robert can now help his wife out around the house. He is thankful to the Summa staff for supporting him in his recovery. “Word needs to get out about Summa Rehab Hospital. It is an impressive place!”