Josh Peters

Josh Peters had an ATV accident and was initially sent home from the ER with a diagnosis of muscle spasms. After a few days, he began to lose feeling in his arms and legs and was sent to a local hospital via life flight. During the next month, as Josh waited for answers, his condition worsened. He lost his vision and hearing, both his lungs collapsed, he became quadriplegic and flat-lined three times.

After receiving the diagnosis of a rare neuro autoimmune disease, Josh transferred to Summa Rehab Hospital to begin intensive rehabilitation. He was in the expert hands of his physical therapist, Erin, and occupational therapist, Abby. He said, “The care was awesome, and they were great to me. They knew what they were doing, and they knew a lot about spinal cord injuries.”

When Josh first arrived, he couldn’t feed himself or move at all. After a month, he was able to feed himself and complete tasks on his own. Josh said Summa expertly handled his wound-care for a stage 4 pressure sore. This occurred as a result of lying motionless in bed for so long during his initial hospital stay.

As the sole caretaker of their two children, Josh’s wife had a challenging schedule. His care team was very accommodating with visiting hours, allowing them to spend time together. Josh will be participating in the outpatient neuro program at Summa so that he can keep improving. He is looking forward to working hard and will continue to be the warrior he has been throughout his recovery.