John Speicher

John Speicher and his fiancée, Shannon, both became ill in early March with COVID-19. While Shannon only experienced mild symptoms, John’s health quickly went downhill. He arrived at Akron City Hospital in critical condition requiring a ventilator and ECHMO. There they told him he had less than three days to live.

For two months John fought for his life. During that time, he moved to Select Specialty Hospital with 75% of his lungs damaged from the virus. When John became fully conscious, he was weak from being bedridden for so long and couldn’t move his left arm. He fought hard to meet the admissions criteria for Summa Rehab Hospital and was thankful to finally become a patient.

When John arrived, he couldn’t sit up and had to use a slide board to move from the bed to his wheelchair. Throughout his one month of rehabilitation at Summa, John pulled from his internal motivation. He also received support from his physical therapist, Amanda, and his occupational therapist, Jessica. They incorporated various equipment into his recovery to help him gain his strength and independence back.

With the help of his speech therapist, Sarah, John quickly got back to eating solid foods. He spoke highly of Dr. Sanderson and his nurse, Betsy. He explained, “Everyone knew what I was capable of and pulled it out of me.” With their encouragement, he said to himself, “I’m going to conquer this!”

John is now home using a cane to get around and only relies on a walker for long distances. As he continues to recover, John is picking up his old routines and hobbies like driving. He is still working on getting full usage of his left arm so he can mow his lawn and return to work. He is so thankful for the progress he achieved and recommends Summa Rehab Hospital to anyone in need of physical and medical rehabilitation.