David’s mom found him on the floor. He had just suffered a hard fall, hitting his head. His mother called 9-1-1 and an ambulance transported David to the hospital. At the hospital, doctors noted the brain injury also resulted in a right side infarct, affecting the left side of his body. After a few days in the hospital, David’s doctors recommended a transfer to Summa Rehab Hospital for rehabilitation.

“I couldn’t walk, talk, think, or understand,” David shared about the day he arrived at Summa.

His speech therapist, Kate, stated that David required moderate-maximal assistance for auditory processing tasks and functional reading comprehension tasks. He also required maximal assistance for functional memory and problem-solving tasks. He had poor sustained attention and high distractibility for very basic tasks. Throughout his speech therapy sessions, David made significant improvements in all areas. He now requires only minimal assistance for most functions and can attend a full session without difficulty.

David also made great progress in physical therapy. Michaela, his physical therapist, noted he was initially fully dependent for ambulation. David has since progressed to walking with a quad cane with supervision. Michaela credits various tools, including the Bioness L300 Go Training and the new EksoNR, which have greatly improved David’s balance, walking, and functional mobility.

“Everyone was so kind and motivating,” David said of the staff at Summa Rehab Hospital, expressing special thanks for his therapists. What helped him the most, David said, was the structured routine they provided to help organize his day.

David looks forward to utilizing Summa Rehab Hospital’s new outpatient neuro program to continue advancing his recovery. “I’m ready to go home and walk!” he said with a smile.