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Josh Peters

Josh is a true warrior working through a rare neuro autoimmune disease that left him unable to feed himself or move at all. After a month at Summa, he can feed himself, and his mobility has improved tremendously!

John Speicher

John Speicher pulled from his internal motivation and the encouragement from his team of caregivers to recover from COVID-19. He is now home after being given only days to live.

Sadie Harold

Sadie Harold liked to stay busy. One day while completing a favor, she fell and fractured her hip. Her injury required surgery and continued care to build up her strength for a safe return home.

Robert Wall

Robert Wall enjoys his retirement surrounded by his loved ones. He spends his time with his wife, children, grandsons, and friends. Living with Parkinson’s disease, Robert has had to make adjustments to his lifestyle. Although the changes have helped, his symptoms quickly became hard to manage.


While spending time with friends, Terry suddenly had no use of his left side. Realizing he was having a stroke, his friend, a paramedic, immediately rushed him to the hospital.


When she arrived at Summa Rehab Hospital, Melissa could not even stand without assistance. But, after 25 days, she could stand and pivot to transfer with assistance.


David’s mom found him on the floor. He had just suffered a hard fall, hitting his head. His mother called 9-1-1 and an ambulance transported David to the hospital.

Berney Villers

When Berney arrived at Summa Rehab Hospital, he was not able to stand on his own and could only speak one syllable at a time. Just one week later, the difference was remarkable.